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 Mitchell's Jewelers was created by Mitchell Dickler, President of Mitchell's Jewelry Repair Corporation in 1985.  


Mitchell began as an apprentice in the fall of 1979 in a well established jewelry store in Randallstown, MD.  This shop did jewelry repairs for other local jewelry stores as well as it's own customers.  Here, Mitchell also received experience in jewelry sales. 


Years later Mitchell moved on in his career to a wholesale jewelry repair shop, where he continued to receive vast experience in jewelry repairs, but more importantly learned the value of high quality workmanship, realizing that "the finest quality repair is one that the customer cannot see."


The company then merged with a jewelry designer in Pikesville, MD.  Here, Mitchell began to learn about custom design and fabrication. 


Mitchell realized that he needed knowledge of setting - thus he decided to attend the Gemological Institute of America, Advanced Stone Setting Course.  He then decided to go west to California to seek more knowledge in his craft.  After a year in California, Mitchell was offered an opportunity to come back to Maryland and set up his own repair shop.  Thus the birth of Mitchell's Jewelry Repair.  He rented a bench from the custom jeweler he previously worked for, doing their jewelry repairs, as well as the work for other local jewelry stores.


In 1990, Mitchell moved into a Pikesville Jewelry center, where he was able to expand, hiring a second and third jeweler.  This also enabled Mitchell to work with private customers as well.  It was not long before Mitchell became well known as a master of his craft, a Jewelry Repair Specialist.  His reputation continued to grow, and many people from the Baltimore, Washington and Pennsylvania areas sought him out for his impeccable skill and quality repair. 


In the fall of 1991, Mitchell began to look to the future of his business.  With his ever increasing following of private customers, and the influence of his wife's retail background, it was an easy progression to the next logical step - a retail store.  Mitchell and Lisa opened Mitchell's Jewelers in the Alley Shops, where they flourished and grew for 15 years.


In the spring of 2008 Mitchell's Jewelers moved to Club Centre, our current location.  It is here that Mitchell's continues to grow with a commitment to perfection as well as dedication to  improvements in quality through state of the art technology.    


To provide our customers with the highest quality jewelry repairs and personalized customer service, second to none.


Prior to repair, Mitchell's  staff evaluates each piece of jewelry so we may inform the customer of what is needed to restore the integrity of their item.    


Mitchell's checks for loose and missing stones, missing and/or weak prongs, wear and other damage.  Every repair includes polishing and cleaning, to revitalize jewelry to "like new" condition.


Mitchell's provides an itemized  estimate of all work needed.  There are never any hidden costs or surprises. 


Upon completion of repair, each piece of jewelry is inspected a second time to verify all stones are tight and the overall repair meets Mitchell's high standard of quality.


Mitchell's is committed to personalized customer service, the highest quality jewelry repairs known to the industry and complete customer satisfaction.

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